Corb Lund’s Backstage Pass to the Warehouse Boiler Room

corb lund - things that can't be undone

Edmonton roots country artist Corb Lund has just released his ninth studio album. His first, Modern Pain, appeared in 1995. Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer won the Roots & Traditional JUNO in 2006. It along with 2002’s Five Dollar Bill and 2007’s Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier! have been certified gold for sales of 50,000 copies each. Corb’s latest offering is Things That Can’t Be Undone. The album gives us tunes drenched in the disposition of both jest and earnestness.

With hilarious lyrics like, “The foreman said, ‘Hey rockstar, welcome back’,” track “Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues” is about a failed musician re-entering the blue collar work force. “Here’s your backstage pass to the warehouse boiler room,” his boss mocks him, handing him a broom. The teasing guitar work compliments the sentiment well.

On the more serious side, “S Lazy H” mourns the disappearance of ranch culture much like this year’s CCMA song of the year winner “Where a Farm Used to Be” by Gord Bamford. Lund carries the concept further in “Alt Berlin Blues” which uses a Check Berry Memphis refrain to address the levelling of German taverns for the raising of condos. Album closer “Sunbeam” explores the loss of a family member.

Opener “Weight of the Gun” is described by Lund as a “Louis L’Amour style western tale crossed with Motown”. “Talk Too Much” skips along like an early Rolling Stones song. “Sadr City” combines Eastern guitar riffs with a tale about sectarian violence erupting in Iraq after a military mission. Things That Can’t Be Undone securely fastens Corb Lund as the king of rollicking vamp. iTunes