Art Angels to Proceed From Grimes

gimes - art angels banner

Claire Boucher, known better by her alter ego Grimes, is releasing a new album(!) The Vancouver electronic fairygoblin of eccentricity dazzled a number of critics with previous LP Oblivion, named by many as the best or one of the best albums of 2012. Taking her music in a more danceable and accessible direction, a taste of which came by way of tracks “Go” and “Realiti”, Grimes will drop Art Angels for the world to lap up on November 6 digitally and December 11 physically. She has stated that each track on the album has a different vibe, so brace yourselves for variety. A couple of guests that appear on the album are American R&B artist Janelle Monáe and rapper from the Republic of China Aristophanes. “Realiti” is included on the album; however, “Go” which featured Blood Diamonds, will not. It was previously offered as a free digital download at 1141 kbps (CD quality).

Art Angels’ lead single is “Flesh Without Blood”. Grimes has treated us with an MV double feature which includes that song plus the mellower “Live in the Vivid Dream”. The MV has Grimes Halloween style in dozens of extravagant outfits prancing around at various sets and giddied up by a stab wound to the stomach (better not to watch while eating). We look forward to the new album.  iTunes