Justin Bieber Unveils Purpose Track Listing Graffiti Style

The cool promotional concepts of Justin Bieber’s team continue. While he had a number of celebrities holding placards announcing the number of days until release of his single “What Do You Mean” which has spent 7 weeks at #1, he does something nifty to unveil the track listing of his November 13 album Purpose. On Twitter today, he posted a series of photographs of graffiti from various locations in Australia, Europe, and North America which contain the names of the album tracks. Don’t worry, Canada is repped thanks to track #10 (Toronto) and track #17 (Vancouver). We have embedded the photos below. The standard album contains 13 tracks, while the deluxe edition contains 18 plus a a remix of “What Do You Mean” featuring Ariana Grande. Justin Bieber will be performing “What Do You Mean” this Friday on Britain’s #1 chat show, The Graham Norton Show, on BBC.

Track 01

Track 02

Track 03

Track 04

Track 05

Track 06

Track 07

Track 08

Track 09

Track 10

Track 11

Track 12Track 13

Track 14

Track 15

Track 16

Track 17

Track 18