When Heartbreak Strikes, Hedley Advises Saying “Hello”

hedley - hello banner

With “Hello”, British Columbian group Hedley has scored its 15th Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. “On My Own” made it to #1 on the old Canadian Singles chart back in 2005. “Hello” broke the Top 40 this week just in time for the newly released music video. It opens with a schoolteacher talking to the boys and girls about reproduction and how female snakes will have “gotten together with a number of different boyfriends”, though “it is possible for snakes to fall in love”. The MV follows the tortuous relationship between a boy and girl from the class. The boy takes the advice from an ad in a comic book “tell her you love her” and buys the object of his infatuation a diamond ring. On his way to presenting her with it, he finds her hand in another boy’s and is devastated. Hedley advises those suffering from the pangs of heartbreak, not to give up on love altogether: “It gets better. Don’t ever lose hope.” “Don’t be sad, don’t let go, don’t say ‘goodbye’, just say ‘hello'”. Hedley’s new album of the same name as the track will be out November 6.  iTunes