Tim Isberg Finds Tears Along the Road


Singer-songwriter Tim Isberg recently released album Tears Along the Road. Given that his last effort came out in 2005, the new album was a full decade in the making. Tim was busy with military operations as a soldier in the Canadian Army. From his experiences, he tells intriguing stories in his songs. The pieces, delivered in a folk style, are very catchy and well-written musically, and Tim has a nice voice on him. He is originally from Fort Macleod, Alberta.

During Tim’s fourth deployment in 2013, he decided not to allow the call of duty push his musical pursuits to the side and formed a five-piece band in Afghanistan with his fellow soldiers. Keeping abreast of goings-on back home through communication with his family and friends, he also wrote songs about Canadian events. “Come Hell or High River” is about the Alberta flood in 2013. Tim tells historical stories as well. “Devil on Your Back” is about turn of the century outlaws on the western Blackfoot Plains. Don’t miss out on this beautiful record.  iTunes