Vancouver Strengthens Musical Ties with Asia

A number of Asian pop superstars will be performing in Vancouver at the end of 2015. We love to see this! Vancouver is one-quarter ethnically Chinese, and 37% of its citizens were born outside of Canada which is the second highest percentage throughout Canada and the United States (after Toronto). This is not to say that Canadians of European heritage would not storm the gates to attend one of these concerts. Cranking up appreciation for and familiarity with international / Allophone music is the future. It’s healthy. It’s the way to go. Below is info on three upcoming concerts and their stars.

Chinese Stars in Vancouver


Shanghai born and Hong Kong raised, G.E.M. is a female soloist (her stage name stands for “Get Everybody Moving”). She is fairly new at the game but her genuine, heartfelt style has attracted a massive fan base. G.E.M. will be performing at the Pacific Coliseum November 3. See an info video on her in English below. Tickets through Ticketmaster.


The Republic of China’s Hebe Tien is one of three women in all-girl trio S.H.E. perhaps even more popular throughout Greater China (and beyond) than the Spice Girls were in the West. We’re talkin’ massive, massive superstars. Hebe has branched out into a solo career while still performing with the group. This will be her first concert in North America. She will perform December 4 at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre (at UBC). Tickets through Ticketmaster.

hebe vancouver

Eason Chan

A number of popular Canadian artists have trouble selling out Rogers Arena these days. But it’s no problem for Hong Kong superstar Eason Chan who has been making music since the 1990s. December 13 is the date. Tickets through Ticketmaster.

eason chan canada