Debbie Gibson Supports Avril Lavigne in Lyme Battle

gibson lavigne

October 31, 1987, twenty-eight years ago today, the debut single from 17-year old Debbie Gibson of New York reached the Top 5 on the Canadian charts. Avril Lavigne was 3 years old at the time. A subsequent song from Debbie, “Lost In Your Eyes”, was a massive hit in Canada spending multiple weeks at number one and finishing the year 1989 as its 7th biggest song. Following in Debbie’s footsteps, at 17, Avril Lavigne released her debut single in 2002. In the last couple of years both Avril Lavigne and Debbie Gibson contracted Lyme disease and are still overcoming its devastating effects. Debbie recently stated, “Dealing with Lyme is complex and young people especially are at great risk. Help ease their journey by supporting Avril Lavigne’s campaign to raise funds and awareness for Lyme disease.”

On a lighter note, Avril dressed up as Batgirl for Halloween and has shared a couple of pics with us all!

avril halloween 2015