An Interstellar Journey with Mylène Farmer

mylene farmer - interstellairesFrench-Canadian queen of new wave, Mylène Farmer, takes us on an interstellar journey on her 10th studio album released this week. Mylène was born in the greater Montreal area and grew up in France. She has scored several diamond albums there and is one of the most successful Francophone recording artists of all-time globally. She has made a slew of chart-topping hits, and many consider 1991’s “Désenchantée” as one of the finest Franco songs ever recorded. Mylène has worked with a number of international recording artists including Moby of the U.S. She was also responsible for launching the career of French dance-pop sensation Alizée.

Farmer’s new record, Interstellaires, was produced by Martin Kierszenbaum of the United States who has worked with Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Feist among others. A centerpiece track for the album is a bilingual reworking of Sting’s “Stolen Car” and features the vocals of the former Police frontman who also participates in the music video (see below). “C’est pas moi” and the title-track are also popular. Mylène co-wrote most of the tracks with Kierszenbaum. Interstellaires is yet another ace recording for the fabulous superstar.  iTunes