Timmins’ Céleste Is Heavenly


Céleste (Lévis) is a fluently bilingual charmer from Timmins, Ontario and a die-hard fan of The Backstreet Boys. But don’t mess with her; she has a black belt in karate! With greatly trained hands thanks to her martial arts pursuits, her parents bought her a piano which she took to immediately. She picked up the guitar as well and began writing songs, eventually winning a couple of contests. Taking great pleasure in using her fingers as well to scribe numbers, Céleste relocated to Ottawa to become a student of mathematics and pursue a bachelor’s degree. A couple years ago, she released an English-language dance-pop song, “The Ghost of You and I” which attracted some buzz. While the thump-loud genre normally deemphasizes the high quality vocals of a singer, you can hear her hearty pipes on top of the music.

Hitherto, Céleste’s fingers having done most of the talking, it was her thick syrupy vocals that landed her a spot in The Voice this year. Her participation must have impressed the folks at Tandem Records, as she was invited to record an album. That album, simply titled Céleste, is out now! She switches from Anglo to Franco and from dance-pop to folk-pop. In her case it seems to be the right move, as her vocals are buttressed perfectly by the style of music, an astonishingly good match as a matter of fact. The album itself is selling very well, currently sitting at #6 on the iTunes Franco charts, and even outselling Lara Fabian’s new album!  iTunes