Marianas Trench Gets Drenched in “One Love” MV

Marianas Trench1

Vancouver JUNO-winning band Marianas Trench recently released its fourth studio album Astoria which we think is the best one yet. The group’s last two albums have been certified platinum, and two of the band’s singles double platinum, “All to Myself” and “Cross My Heart”. Starting out in 2006, The Trench scored a couple of hits prior to the launch of the Billboard Canadian Hot 100, and since the establishment of the chart has decked it with a total of 15 songs, the latest of which is “One Love” from the new album. The band must have had fun shooting the music video which has them wallowing around in a flooded room. Trying to avert the rising waters on the chesterfield doesn’t prove too helpful, as the sofa itself is drenched. It’s half a metre high and rising, and the boys are soaked to the gilder sleeves.  iTunes