Alessia Cara Challenges Know-It-Alls

alessia cara - know it all

She is being called a heroine for wallflowers and misfits, a rebel with a cause, a poised contrarian, a little ball of cuteness, and a voice of clarity for a generation silenced by a confusing world. “Here”, a gold single and Top 20 hit on both sides of the 49th parallel by Brampton, Ontario’s 19-year-old Alessia Cara preceded EP Four Pink Walls, and now she drops her debut full-length album, Know-It-All. Inspired by her idols Amy Winehouse and Lorde, Alessia makes sense of the puzzling issues of her generation and presents them with sobering candour. She challenges the illogic of playing along with the bread and circus routine. The aforementioned “Here” expresses feeling out of place at modern teen parties and exposes some of the absurdities they expect us to overlook. “I’m Yours” has her putting a stop to falling in love, as she wonders if it is really worth it. “Wild Things” is about the courage of finding and being one’s true self even if it is rejected after public scrutiny. Musically, the album is a rich presentation of electropop and R&B with some beautiful acoustic ballads all led by Alessia’s spectacular vocals. Those vocals have won over such names as Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, and Taylor Swift. Cara was invited to perform on the two U.S. chat shows and mount the stage with the latter superstar on the final show of her 1989 World Tour. Know-It-All is available now!  iTunes