Brett Kissel’s Emotionally Powerful “Pick Me Up” MV


There is a reason Brett Kissel is standing in the rain getting soaked. There is a reason he departs from his pals to call it an evening early. There is a reason he smashes his guitar against a brick wall. And it’s not what you would guess. In fact, it’s much worse. When the MV for “Pick Me Up” hits the 2:45 mark, you’re in for a shocker. When Brett told his girl to “come pick me up tonight” something happened. You’ll have to watch the video to see.

Brett Kissel is a JUNO award winning country artist and recently hit #1 on the radio charts, thanks to gold single “Airwaves”. It was the Flat Lake, Albertan’s first. “Pick Me Up” is the title-track off his 2015 Billboard Top 10 album.  iTunes