Dallas Smith Observes Kids With Cars

dallas smith kids with cars half

“Here they come. The boys in the bright white sports car, waving their arms in the air. Who do they think they are?” That’s a lyric from a hit song by Canadian rock band Trooper. Formerly with rock band Default, Dallas Smith, now a very successful country soloist, stands amused as a mechanic in his MV for “Kids with Cars”. He observes the teens having fun with their cars, whether beaters, apartments on wheels, or slick machines. It conjures up some fond memories of his youthful days. At times, the hot rod straddlers and vivacious cheerleaders seem to be all much-ado-about-nothing, but, as Dallas fiddles with the dipstick, he knows what they are all about and reminisces about those good ol’ days.

Dallas Smith is a JUNO award winning country artist from Langley, British Columbia. He has placed 11 songs onto the Billboard Hot 100 and achieved platinum certification for single “Tippin’ Point”. “Kids With Cars” is at present a stand-alone single.  iTunes