New Releases 27 November 2015

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This week, we look at eight new LPs and three EPs. Children’s album Annie Brocoli autour du monde appears from the Montreal JUNO nominee who has achieved multiplatinum certification for her videos. Plessisville, QC’s William Deslauriers, who has previously scored a gold album, contributes the beautiful singer-songwriter work Le courant passe. Toronto R&B singer Ivana Santilli, who has attracted three JUNO nominations, returns in top form with Late Night Light. La parade is a wonderful holiday-themed chamber pop album from Maryse Letarte of St-Hyacinthe, QC.

Brampton, Ontario pop superstar Alyssa Reid releases her latest album Phoenix. She has scored a JUNO nomination plus two gold singles. Her new album is a little more stripped down unveiling some glorious songwriting and allowing her vocal prowess to shine. Garage rock outfit I.D.A.L.G. of Montreal is into some Post dynastie. Montreal’s Bless raps about the Spoils of War. And adult contemporary vocal pianist Ingrid St-Pierre, originally from Cabano, QC, dazzles with the delightful Tokyo.

Three EPs worth checking out are country superstar Paul Brandt‘s Borderlines which includes his recent hits. Paul has won eight JUNO awards and has scored a triple platinum album. Ruth B. is a new artist from Alberta and contributes singer-songwriter EP The Intro. Fred Penner’s daughter W. Darling launches Lost Girls: Chapter Two essentially a pop EP.