Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty MV Breaks 100 Million Views

Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty

Pop/rock superstar Avril Lavigne has basketed another Vevo certified level music video as “Hello Kitty” has passed the 100 million mark. It is her seventh. Previous Vevo certified works are “Girlfriend”, her most viewed video at 301 million, “Wish You Were Here” at 247 million, “What the Hell” 244 million, “When You’re Gone” 241 million, “Smile” 126 million, and “Here’s to Never Growing Up” 115 million. Avril has 3 MVs close to the mark: “Let Me Go” 96 million, “Complicated” 96 million, and “Hot” 95 million. Her “Hello Kitty” video expressed her adoration for Japan. It was shot in the country with a Japanese director. Like a number of entities, the Globe and Mail praised the video with its Gwen Stefani hollaback theme and Skrillex hairdo. “Lavigne has planted herself in a Japanese wonderland of cuteness, colours, cupcakes and clichéd schoolgirls… She takes the last second to flash a knowing, toothy grin before ducking off-camera, then popping back up with her more-familiar pout. Lavigne just had the time of her life.”