Cosmopolitan Names Carly’s Emotion Pop Album of the Year

Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion banner

With most magazines including Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Emotion in their best of 2015 album lists (Time Magazine put the LP at #4), Cosmopolitan’s naming it “Pop Album of the Year” will not raise many eyebrows. However, the magazine’s reason for doing so is interesting. After stating Emotion is a “smart, sexy, synth-y, ’80s wonderland, … the best pop album of the year,” Cosmopolitan argues what really makes the album refreshing is not what it includes but what it omits: the singer keeps herself brandless in an era despotically ruled by celebrity gossip and leaves room for the music to sink in. While her pop star counterparts are presenting foul fodder to sell advertising for the media licking unsold doughnuts, stripping for MVs, album covers, and balconies, twerking, promoting drug-smoking, suing others for using similar notes in an octave, vacillating between romance and breakup, updating Instagram with their latest hairdos Carly remained aloof from it all allowing the music to shine through. She does not follow in the footsteps of others who often make their albums feel like the self-glorifying soundtrack of a reality show. Cosmopolitan writer Jessica Goldstein says Emotion grasps “the beauty of pop — pure, unadulterated pop … Straight feelings, no chaser.” “Carly Rae gets out of the way. She leaves room for the most important person in a pop song: you.”

Stay tuned for Canadian Music Blog’s 25 Album Faves of 2015 later this month including our pick for Album of the Year.