Canadian Music Blog’s Top 10 Music Video Faves of 2015

We are counting down our favourite music videos of 2015. A good music video is one that keeps your attention even with the sound turned off. With high standards, we prefer MVs that are low on violence, raunchiness, expletives, self-mutilation, and do not display the use of habit-forming substances. We select videos that are beautiful to look at, cinematic, adventurous, fun, sentimental, clever, creative, artistic, original, having great wardrobe choices, some breathtaking cinematography, or a stellar message. Below is a list of our 10 favourite Canadian MVs released in 2015. As YouTube often changes the addresses of videos, we have not embedded the MVs here but have provided links to them for your convenience. (Do note that they may become invalid in the future).

#10. Debout, Ariane Moffatt

10 ariane moffatt - debout mv

It has been said that people have a natural attraction to bright colours, and we certainly get some of those plus some gettin’ jiggy wid it in the MV for Ariane Moffatt’s “Debout”, the most successful track off her award winning album, 22h22. Link

#9. Si tu reviens, Louis-Jean Cormier

09 Louis-Jean Cormier - Si Tu Reviens mv

This is very artistic, literally. Watch the hands create something cool as the music plays. Both this and “Debout” were nominated for the ADISQ Felix Award for MV of the Year in the fall. Louis-Jean is enjoying a successful solo career. He has dazzled us with indie band Karkwa as well. Link

 #8. Sunday Funday, MAGIC!

08 MAGIC - Sunday Funday

MAGIC! treated us to an update on the rude over-protective father of Nasri’s love interest. We learn that the trade-off for getting his permission to marry his daughter was that Nasri had to engage in a little slave labour by joining his father-in-law’s firm … along with the other members of the band. They’d much rather enjoy a poolside barbecue than count paper clips at the office … on Sunday. This one is lots of fun. Link

#7. The Gates, Young Empires

07 young empires - the gates mv

Some breathtaking shots in this one from the Torontonian alternative rock band. It’s still hard to believe the group just released its debut album. Beautiful cinematography. Link

#6. Avalanche, Kalle Mattson

06 Kalle Mattson - avalanche mv

This is one of the cleverest concept videos we have seen in a while. Kalle recreates a slew of classic album covers seemingly all in one take. He rushes around the photo studio, changes outfits and poses properly against the backdrops. The song is a good one too! Link

#5. Black to Gold, Dear Rouge

04 dear rouge - black to gold mv

Electronic rock duo Dear Rouge dropped its debut album in 2015 and released a few really good MVs. This one is a futuristic feast for the eyes. Link

 #4. What Do You Mean, Justin Bieber

05 justin bieber - what do you mean mv

After a hiatus that was painful for many of his beliebers, Justin launched a ripper of a new song with a very cinematic MV: pink lights,  colourful graffiti, and skateboarding fun. The Biebs pays off a mystery man to arrange for a test to determine whether his girl trusts him. Link

#3. I’m An Open Road, Paul Brandt / Jess Moskaluke

03 paul brandt ft jess moskaluke - i'm an open road mv

We have such beautfiul land in Canada, yet it seems few take advantage of it. Bonus points to Paul Brandt for displaying some gorgeous forests and lakes in this which features Jess Moskaluke. We also love the shot of stacked logs; we can almost smell the wood. Link

#2. Same Sea, LIGHTS

02 lights same sea

From her JUNO Award winning album Little Machines, LIGHTS returns to her love for sci-fi. She warps into the year 5057, as The Observer, dressed in a suit with connected tubules reminding us of the replicant eye engineer from Blade Runner. In the year 2040, she hits the karaoke bar with her female pals. In the year 3030, LIGHTS is a cyborg with parts unknown, and has a number of cloned models. Finally, she settles for contemporary jazz dance class in 2011. The big question is: which version of LIGHTS do you like best? Link

CMB’s 2015 Music Video of the Year

Pure fun. The song was the sixth biggest of the year in Japan. It peaked at #3 on the weekly British charts. Here at home it went gold. The album was named by a host of critics as one of the best of the year. From humble roots in Mission, BC, this multiplatinum recording artist filmed the MV in New York City. She stayed low key in it and allowed Hollywood actor Tom Hanks to attempt some lip-syncing while stopping for autographs. Finally in the end, everyone comes together dancing in the streets: Tom Hanks, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Justin Bieber too. The whole thing was a blast, and we name the Vevo-certified “I Really Like You” by Carly Rae Jepsen 2015’s music video of the year. Link

01 carly rae jepsen - i really like you badge copy