Ring Around Moon City

ring around the moon city copy

Three Canadian artists have released new music videos recently which all deserve a feature. They all released albums earlier this year and have been scouting locations, dreaming up concepts, and securing funding to put out some wonderful music videos for our enjoyment. What is great about them is that the setting for each video perfectly complements the style of music. Find them below.

Heartsigh, Purity Ring

Canada’s Chvrches hails from Edmonton. The electronic duo known as Purity Ring released second album Another Eternity in March 2015. The MV for “Heartsigh” was launched today, and in keeping with the musical style, features a performance inside a futuristic structure complete with streamlined dancers, glittering lights and geometric sculptures.

I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On, Half Moon Run

Sun Leads Me On, released in October, is the followup to the Montreal-based band’s sleeper hit, gold-certified, debut album, Dark Eyes. This time, the performance takes place inside a house. But there is a catch. The musicians split up into different rooms. Have fun following the camera to see what each room contains. There are a few surprises.

Lover Come Back, City and Colour

This is yet another beautiful song from St. Catharines’ Dallas Green a.k.a. City and Colour. Filmed in a dusty, dilapidated rural setting, the video expresses the emptiness and broken spirit of pining for lost love. The song is from Billboard #1 album If I Should Go Before You which came out in October.