Billboard Top Canadian Songs of 2015

We put together this visual of all the songs involving Canadian artists that made Billboard Canada’s year-end Hot 100. We ranked (RK column) them according to their year-end (YE column) chart position.  The WC column is the number of weeks the song spent on the weekly charts. A ‘+’ indicates that the song is still on the charts. The WP column is the weekly peak position the song achieved on the weekly charts and PD is the date of the chart it reached its peak. The CE column is gold/platinum certifications by Music Canada. Note that these may well increase over the coming weeks. G is gold (40,000 units), P, is platinum (80,000 units), 2xP is double platinum (160,000 units), and 3xP is triple platinum (240,000 units). A red maple leaf denotes Canadian artist, magenta part Canadian, blue featured Canadian. The OR column refers to the provincial origin of the artist. Some of these songs achieved most of their chart success in 2014 and appeared in that year’s top songs chart with higher positions (e.g. “Rude” by MAGIC!).

Canadian Hot 100 2015 year-end copy