2015 Canadian Content by Radio Format

The Canadian Music Blog did an analysis of radio formats’ preferences for Canadian artists among 2015’s top spun songs. Rather than looking at CanCon/MAPL in the strict sense, we simply looked at Canadian artists. For the few instances of Canadian-international collaborations, we looked at the singer. For example, because Justin Bieber was the singer of Skrillex & Diplo’s “Where Are U Now” we counted it as Canadian. For songs where the singer was Canadian but there was a feature of an international artist, for example, Mia Martina’s “Beast”, we gave it full marks as Canadian. For CHR, AC, Hot AC and Rock, we looked at the Top 40 songs of the year and for All-Format and Country the Top 50. To come up with the percentages, we totalled the spins for all songs on the Nielsen BDS charts for these formats and divided them into the total spins for the songs by Canadians. While the numbers are fairly comparable for the various formats, Adult Contemporary was king of CanCon at 33.2%, or roughly one-third of spins. The weakest for CanCon was Country radio at 26.0% or roughly one-quarter of spins.

cancon by radio format copy