2015 Male-Female Singer Split By Radio Format

The Canadian Music Blog did an analysis of radio formats’ preferences for artist gender among 2015’s top spun songs (Top 50 for All-Format and Country, Top 40 for the others). We totalled the spins for all songs on the Nielsen BDS charts for these formats and divided them into the total spins for songs voiced by women and those voiced by men to obtain a percentage split. For songs with male-female duets we gave half the spins to male and half to female. Theoretically, the split should be 50/50, but it was nowhere close to that in any of the radio formats. CHR had the least imbalance at 36.5% female singers and 63.5% male. Both CHR and country had more imbalance than last year while AC, Hot AC, and rock had less imbalance than in 2014. Rock radio had the most imbalance of all formats last year at 93.4% male and 6.6% female. This year is a slight improvement at 86.6/13.4.

Country Radio the Most Imbalanced Format

With all the media talk this year about misogyny infecting country music broadcasters, the reality is perhaps even more unsettling than thought. While in 2014, songs by female singers represented only 12.5% of all spins among the year’s 50 most played songs, this year it was down to an abysmal 7.3%.

male - female singer split by radio format copy