Gold/Platinum Certifications Nov 2015 – Jan 2016

Previously, we indicated all multiplatinum works with a metallic blue symbol. We have now colour coded all multiplatinum levels as follows: yellow 2x platinum, green 3x, turquoise 4x, blue 5x, indigo 6x, purple 7x, magenta 8x, and red 9x.

Music Canada has certified Justin Bieber’s Purpose a triple platinum album. His “Sorry” along with The Weeknd’s “The Hills” are triple platinum singles, the 16th and 17th by Canadians through the digital era. Below find the latest gold/platinum certifications from Music Canada involving Canadian artists.

Nov 2015 to Jan 2016 copy

Certification definitions: Gold 40,000 units, Platinum 80,000 units, 2xPlatinum 160,000 units, 3xPlatinum 240,000 units.