The Highly Anticipated Return of Kristina Maria

kristina maria new sound

After a slew of hits, a JUNO nominated album, and a feature on CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge, Ottawa’s Kristina Maria seemed to vanish. She broke her habit of constant updates to her social networking sites by … posting nothing at all. Not a peep was heard after April 2015. Fans were wallowing in worry. We spoke with Special Agent Fox Mulder who was confident that she had been abducted by aliens who thought her singing would bring some happiness to their distant planet. Earth singers are the best? Jeff Spicoli claimed that Kristina had become addicted to surfing and was convinced he had spotted her in The Bahamas. Katniss Everdeen maintained that Kristina was in hiding after being romantically pursued by Caesar Flickerman.

We’re not sure whose story, if any, holds water, but Kristina Maria has announced that she will be back in the spring of 2016, promising a new sound and a new style. Did Megadeath sweet talk her into switching to heavy metal? Or perhaps Diana Krall got her into jazz. Hmmm. We’ll have to wait and see what she’s cooking up for us.

Kristina Maria has placed six songs on the Billboard Hot 100, three of which have gone gold. We look forward to her new music.

DJ Simone Grewal and Singer Kristina Maria

Kristina Maria (right) with Vancouver DJ Simone Grewal