Top Radio Stations in Selected Cities 2015-16


Numeris has published the latest numbers for radio station listenership in selected metropolitan areas in case you ever wondered what the most popular station was in your city. In Vancouver, 103.5 QMFM at 13.3% of the share, takes the cake and just barely squeaks by the CBC. QMFM plays selected current hits plus classics from the 80s up to the present giving it wide appeal across age groups. It is the radio station of choice at work, the sort of station that will be playing if you walk into a medical clinic, etc.

Over in Calgary, they certainly like their country. We like country too, especially if it involves Kira Isabella, Gord Bamford, Jess Moskaluke, Brett Kissel, and the like. Country 105 is tops in Saddledome City at 10.1%. A little different in Edmonton where adult contemporary is the preference thanks to the great job done by Now Radio (102.3 FM). The station has 11.2% of the share. Skipping over to the mammoth metropolis that is Toronto, 98.1 CHFI, one of three AC stations in the city, is king with 11.1%.

For Montreal, among the Anglo stations, 96 Virgin rules with a whopping 29.6%. Among the more popular Franco stations, they love their talk radio; CHMP 98.1 (Laval) has 23.2%. For a music station, we have to look at #2 overall which is Rythme 105.7 (Laval).

The numbers from Numeris are for the period November 30, 2015 to February 28, 2016. More info can be found here.