International Roundup: What’s Big Overseas?

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With Canadian music slaying on the international stage the past little while, we thought we’d check in with what international music is doing well outside of Canada. Given our exceptionally diverse ethnic makeup, Canadians are always curious to know what’s happening overseas. We looked at the six biggest music markets. As Canadians are familiar with what’s happening in the US due to the preferences of our media and broadcasters, we exclude that nation and instead look at the world’s most populous country, China. For each nation, we selected a currently popular tune within its borders (that isn’t on the Canadian charts) by an artist from that country. We’ve embedded official videos if they exist.

The United Kingdom

We’re under the queen, but often big hits in Britain are ignored by CHR radio in Canada. Moving on up the UK charts is “Girls Like” by British rapper Tinie Tempah. The track features Sweden’s Zara Larsson. Tempah is very adept at combining hip hop with house music, the latter having been very popular in the UK over the past few years.


Our Commonwealth cousin is only 24 million compared to our 36 but has a bigger music market. The reason for it is that the average Australian spends $20 USD per year on music whereas the average Canadian spends only $12 USD. Australia’s Flume is doing well especially with platinum certified single “Never Be Like You” which features Kai. Guess where Kai is from? Toronto.


Jain is a new singer from Toulouse, France who recently released her debut album and scored her first major hit, “Come”. The MV is as fun as the song itself.


Della Ding is a female soloist from Mainland China, growing up in Jiaxing, a city in the province of Zhejiang. When she was 18, she relocated to Taiwan to pursue a career in music, the island having over the past decades developed a very strong infrastructure of music production. Her latest hit is called “Give Me One Love”. See the MV below.


Production duo Stereoact teams up with Berlin singer Kerstin Ott to deliver this fabulous Allophone piece called “Die immer lacht” a big hit in Germany. MV below.


The world’s second largest music market is experiencing Perfume fever! The EDM female trio from Hiroshima will be releasing new album Cosmic Explorer April 6, and yes it will be available at iTunes Canada. Song “Flash” is at this writing at #1 on iTunes Japan. From what we understand, it is theme song for live action movie Chihayafuru which is based on a Japanese comic strip.