Abbotsford, BC’s You Say Party Is Back

You say party - albumAbbotsford, BC post-punk / new wave group You Say Party released its self-titled LP on February 12, 2016, which is album #4 since debuting in 2005. Members are Krista Loewen, Becky Ninkovic, Stephen O’Shea, and Derek Adam. Sadly, the band’s drummer Devon Clifford is no longer with us. Dealing with the tragedy, You Say Party went on hiatus from 2011. The eponymous disc is the band’s first in six years. Rather than hire a new drummer, the core four decided to go with drum machines, which effectively give the music a more emotionally drained sound, as the album tries to make sense out of loss and uncertainty. The cover is an accurate reflection of the gloomy atmospherics the disc explores. It’s an honest and authentic representation of the dark detour the band was forced to take, slightly experimental, as the four players explored unfamiliar terrain but emerged with an impressive work of art.  iTunes