2016 JUNO Awards Quiz

juno-awards bannerTest your knowledge of the 2016 JUNO Awards with 11 questions below. The letters corresponding to the correct answers will spell out a secret message. To help you, check out the JUNO Awards website here.

1. The 2016 JUNO Awards will be held in which city?

M. Calgary
N. Ottawa
O. Sydney
P. Vancouver

2. The name of the venue where the JUNO gala is being held is…

R. Crowchild Theatre
S. McMahon Stadium
T. Rogers Arena
U. The Saddledome

3. The artist nominated for the most JUNO Awards this year is…

P. Justin Bieber
Q. Kiesza
R. Tegan and Sara
S. The Weeknd

4. The co-hosts of this year’s gala are…

H. Ellen Page and Sidney Crosby
I. Jann Arden and Jon Montgomery
J. Mike Myers and Rachel McAdams
K. Nikki Yanofsky and Ryan Gosling

5. Among this year’s performers are…

C. Alessia Cara, Bryan Adams, and Dear Rouge
D. Carly Rae Jepsen, Scott Helman, and The Weeknd
E. Coleman Hell, Dean Brody, and Justin Bieber
F. Shawn Desman, Shawn Hook, and Shawn Mendes

6. The percentage of nominations who are first-time nominees is…

G. 0.9%
H. 19%
I. 49%
J. 99%

7. The following Francophone work is nominated for Album of the Year:

S. À Paradis City by Jean Leloup
T. Si l’aurore by Marie-Pierre Arthur
U. 22H22 by Ariane Moffat
V. Zulu by Galaxie

8. The following Aboriginal work is nominated for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year

J. The One by Armond Duck Chief
K. Power in the Blood by Buffy Sainte-Marie
L. Refined by Don Amero
M. Rumble by Derek Miller

9. Which of the following presenters is the mayor of the host city?

F. Alan Doyle
G. Josh Ramsay
H. Mélanie Joly
I. Naheed Nenshi

10. Which three nominees for JUNO Fan Choice grew up in British Columbia?

E. Alessia Cara, Dean Brody, and Hedley
F. Carly Rae Jepsen, Dean Brody, and Shawn Hook
G. Carly Rae Jepsen, Hedley, and Shawn Hook
H. Justin Bieber, Hedley, and Marianas Trench

11. This year’s youngest JUNO nominee is…

B. Alessia Cara
C. Coeur de Pirate
D. Scott Helman
E. Shawn Mendes


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