EMI Archives Donated to the University of Calgary

This is really amazing Professor Pacoli

In the words of The Fifth Element’s Professor Pacoli, “This … is really amazing.” Jeffrey Remedios, president and chief executive officer of Universal Music Canada, announced this afternoon that the company is donating EMI Music Canada’s archives to the University of Calgary. The collection of 5,500 boxes contains over 21,000 audio recordings, 18,000 video recordings, and 2 million photographs and documents. It will be managed by the U of C’s Archives and Special Collections and will be accessible to students, staff, and the public. The now defunct EMI was home to a plethora of Canadian artists including Anne Murray, Nickelback, Sarah McLachlan, Glass Tiger, and Tom Cochrane. It was also a major distributor in Canada for big international acts like the Beatles, Duran Duran, Smashing Pumpkins, and the Rolling Stones. Universal Music will provide funding to the university to assist with management and preservation of the collection. UMC acquired the EMI catalogue in 2012 when it bought the company.

EMI University-of-Calgary

The archive, which includes master recordings, publicity photos, demo tapes, album cover art, creative outlines for music videos, marketing plans, awards, drafts of song lyrics, and more, is representative of over 2,500 Canadian and international artists. View the video below for more information.