Canadians in 20% of 2016 Billboard Music Award Finalist Spots

canadians billboard music awards copy

Billboard unveiled its list of finalists up for awards this year. There are 43 categories with five spots each making a total of 215 “nominations”. Discounting the Top Soundtrack category, as various artists are involved, Canadian artists make up over 20% of the 210 spots.  The number of Canadian artists, though, is small — just four.  The Weeknd has 19 entries in 16 categories, Justin Bieber has 11.5 in 11 categories (the 0.5 is his feature in “Where Are U Now” from Skrillex and Diplo), and Drake has 11 spots in 10 categories. Alessia Cara has 1. Non-Canadians with the most nods are Fetty Wap with 11, Taylor Swift with 8, and Adele with 8 also. Ludacris and Ciara will host the 2016 Billboard Music Awards at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USA on May 22. Unlike other awards shows where people vote for nominees and winners, Billboard presents awards based on success of artists, albums, and tracks, on their charts. It should be noted that U.S. charts are a reflection of American tastes in music which differ significantly, though not radically, from Canadian tastes. See a full list of finalists here.