Selected Canadian Releases 15 April 2016

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We begin with a gorgeous vocal jazz album by 2-time JUNO nominee France D’Amour. The album from the native of Mont-Rolland, QC, Bubble Bath and Champagne Vol. 2, is mostly Anglo and contains all original compositions. She has scored a pair of gold LPs to date. Equally exquisite is Magnolia from singer-songwriter Megan Bonnell. The writing on the songs is so good, we immediately took to the disc. Both of these albums are worth checking out.

For something fun, we have a disc of world music, more specifically gypsy jazz, from Christine Tassan and the Imposteures entitled Entre Félix et Django. The group is based in Montreal. The latest talent from Brampton, Ontario, Derin Falana, contributes rap work Rocky Mountain. Frédéric Giroux does an excellent job at stripped down beautiful instrumentation on his album Le deuxième soufflé. He is a part of neo-trad multiplatinum outfit Mes Aïeux. Rock enthusiasts can enjoy Shaman UFO from band Les Indiens.

More singer-songwriter avenues are pursued on the self-titled album from Émilie Janvier which is selling well. And further jazz, this time instrumental, comes to us from Lorraine Desmarais Big Band and really good album Danses Danzas Dances. The silence of the lambs has already been covered, so Moran investigates Le silence des chiens with folky ambiance. Canadian iTunes staff are very impressed, as are we, with the new album from female trio Motel Raphaël, System. This is essentially adult contemporary with a twist of electropop. One can think of The Cranberries, perhaps, as a reference point.

Jonathan Painchaud, native of the Magdalen Islands and lead singer from former band Okoumé, is back. La tête haute is the album title. Topping the musique francophone iTunes chart is alternative work Le fantastique des astres by the creative genius who is Yann Perreau, and, yes, he is a JUNO-nominated artist. No worries, you won’t find any money laundering on rap specialist Rednext Level‘s new album Argent légal.

Two legends of traditional country have once again joined forces. Yes, it’s Renée Martel & Patrick Norman. The sumptuous LP is Nous. Pop punk is still going strong thanks to Thunder Bay’s Rival Town and album Call It Like It Is. Finally, following up the fantastic collaboration with Jerusalem In My Heart last year, Suuns release alternative LP Hold/Still.

Montreal rock band Solids launch EP Else. We also have some remix EPs from both Shawn Hook (“Sound of Your Heart”) and Alessia Cara (“Here”) for those who want more danceable renditions of those tracks.