Launch of the International Music Blog

international music blog

CMB editors are pleased to announce the launch of the IMB, International Music Blog. The Canadian Music Blog will continue as before to offer comprehensive content exclusively dedicated to popular Canadian recording artists and their music. The IMB will serve as an online English-language magazine that provides information about popular international recording artists and their music regardless of the language in which it is performed. It will stand in sharp contrast to blogs that call themselves international but feature English-language music only. The IMB will also include features on Canadian recording artists and their works in addition to artists from around the world — Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and Africa. We are just getting started over there but you can check out the blog here. As you may have also noticed, the CMB has a new look. The blog theme matches the IMB’s. CMB is red and IMB is blue. You can also follow the IMB on Twitter (@globalmusicbl) here and Facebook here.