Linda Chung Sings Under the Stars

Linda Chung - under the starsCanadian recording artist and actress Linda Chung has released new album Under the Stars, a beautiful adult contemporary Allophone work. The Cantonese language album is currently #1 at Asian entertainment online retail site YesAsia and is available at iTunes Canada. Linda, born and raised in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, has been based in Hong Kong for the past several years working for the TVB network as both an actress and singer. Most of the songs are written exclusively for TV dramas produced by the network, and the new album puts them all together on one disc. The opening track “I Got Married”, penned by Linda herself, expresses her sentiments after tying the knot. All tracks are gorgeous. For us a standout may be “I Don’t Remember”, end theme of “Inspector Gourmet” with some nice piano work. Under the Stars is a soft and sensual charmer.  iTunes