Excellence Blooms on Megan Bonnell’s Magnolia

megan bonnell - magnoliaToronto’s Megan Bonnell has released a very impressive sophomore LP, Magnolia, following her getting hooked by Maple Music (now Cadence). On the production side are Chris Stringer (the Wooden Sky, Holly McNarland, Timber Timbre) and Josh Van Tassel (David Myles, Christine Bougie). She is essentially a roots artist, though the detailed writing, neo-trad instrumentation, and production coatings on these songs are so strong that even those not normally into folk-based music will find themselves drawn in. As soft as clouds, flowing as water, and detailed as a landscaped garden, she has been compared to Billie Holiday. Megan Bonnell’s Magnolia has been marked by us a contender for our end of year best albums list.  iTunes