Nielsen SoundScan Charts 2000-2007

jam canoe

Good news! We are in touch with a helpful chap from Denmark who managed to screen capture all the weekly Canadian Nielsen SoundScan charts from the old Canoe/Jam website. A complete presentation of these charts is nowhere to be found online, and with their absence, popular songs in Canada during the period have been lost in time. With the JPG images, we are in the process of spreadsheeting these charts and will be posting the results  on Canadian Music Blog over the coming months. Because Canadian charts are largely unavailable during this period, we will post all weekly Top 40 hits, whether from Canadian or international artists, on our Charts Page. The Nielsen BDS charts for the period would also be enlightening, but again are not available. The RPM charts, most of which are online, met their demise in November 2000, and since June 2007 we have the Billboard Canadian Hot 100. Unlike the United States and United Kingdom, Canada has not had a consistent chart history, a vital component of the music industry that is sadly lacking. Canadian charts are an accurate reflection of Canadian tastes in music.