Drake Has the Coolest Album Cover of 2016

Canadian actor turned rapper Drake has … uncovered the album cover … for his upcoming LP Views, and it’s pretty breathtaking. We have never seen such a hi-res close up view of the CN Tower’s main pod, and certainly not with a cool dude sitting so casually on its roof! Yes, that little dot is Drake up there.

Toronto’s CN Tower was built between 1973 and 1976. It became the world’s tallest self-supporting structure beating out Russia’s Ostankino Tower, a title it held until surpassed in height by both the Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower in 2010. While now outdone by a few structures in the Orient, the CN Tower still holds the title for the western hemisphere. A feverish phallic competition by various nations in breaking records for tallest building or structure has significantly increased in frequency in the new millennium.

Views is expected out Friday, April 29 and is Drake’s fifth (not including his collaborative work with Future). It will contain his recently released singles “Pop Style” “One Dance”. The latter is a variation of “Do You Mind” by Crazy Cousinz featuring British singer Kyla and became Drake’s first #1 hit in the UK as the main artist. Before you hit the plagiarism alert button, note that Kyla is listed in the writing credits of “One Dance”, so it’s all cool.

We have embedded a hi-res copy of Drake’s Views album cover below (click to enlarge).

Drake - Views from the 6