Alexe Gaudreault Glows Through the Stormy Mirage

alexe gaudreault

Complete with flowing copper curls, she’s all dolled up and ready to sing. Finalist of The Voice, Season 1, Canadian recording artist Alexe Gaudreault has just released her debut, self-titled album. It follows a three-track EP that spawned the big Franco radio hit “Placebo”. The album is a pop tour de force with catchy beats, peppy swagger, sonorous choruses, and a fabulous voice leading it all. “Mirage” and “Couleurs” had us hooked immediately. The delicately played “Éclat” is currently glowing its way up the charts. Staff over at iTunes Canada have praised the atmospheric “Tempête” for Alexe’s “breathy coo piercing through like a ray of sunshine”. With this gem of an LP, Alexe Gaudreault has the front-runner for album of the year, across all genres, across all provinces of origin.  iTunes