Tegan and Sara Love You to Death

Tegan and Sara - Love You to DeathMuch has been made of Calgarian twin sister duo Tegan and Sara’s switch from oaring through waters in the indie tributary to making music for the masses in the mainstream, care of Heartthrob. However, the sisters understand that substance speaks louder than style, and consistently good songwriting, despite the genre in which it expresses itself, is more important to most. This has proven to be the case, as the duo has scored four gold albums over the course: So Jealous, The Con, Sainthood, and Heartthrob. The latter album, however, spawned the women’s first certified singles as stand-alone artists. (Prior platinum and gold singles were scored with EDM music makers Tiesto and Morgan Page). Heartthrob‘s “Closer” hit double platinum and “I Was a Fool” platinum. Heartthrob also gave the sisters their first JUNO Awards, three of them, and is said to have been highly influential among A-List recording artists, including Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen.

The followup to Heartthrob, Love You to Death, provides perhaps simpler melodies and slightly slicker production. It keeps Greg Kurstin as producer who tweaks the overall sound to yield an atmosphere of silky synths and poppy drums buttressing the loveable voices that take us through heartbreak balladry and invigorating new wave, all with colourful eye paint. Love You to Death clears away the scaffolding and consolidates the edifice. Sara and Tegan Quin do not stand in need of Max Martin to craft a perfect pop song with them. They know what they need to do and how to create hooks, even the subtler of which grow rather than diminish over time. Eighth studio album Love You To Death reinforces our confidence that the musical career of Tegan and Sara will continue to be successful for a very long time.