Bobby Curtola Dies at 73

Bobby Curtola

It is with oceans of sorrow we relate the following heartbreaking news. The king of early 60s rock-a-ballad, Bobby Curtola, has passed away at the age of 73. Born in Port Arthur, Ontario, his first hit record in 1960, “Hand in Hand with You”, catapulted him to teen idol superstardom. With a string of big hits at home, he also broke out internationally with classics like “Fortune Teller” and “Alladin”. He worked tirelessly, along with his contemporaries, to build a strong music industry infrastructure in Canada and received Gold Leaf awards, the precursor of the JUNOs. It is estimated that during the course of his career, he scored 50 hit singles in Canada mustering many of them in the midst of the British Invasion. Bobby Curtola was named to the Order of Canada in 1997. You can read our more extensive bio on one of the greatest Canadian recording artists of all-time here. Check out a 2013 interview with Bobby Curtola from Beatrice Hanley of Canada’s Talent below.