Three New Singers to Brighten Up Your Summer

3 new singers

Avery Raquel

Teen prodigy Avery Raquel is a big reason why Canada is a world leader of jazz music. One of the cool things about the genre is that it doesn’t matter how old you are; singers and musicians of all ages, from junior to senior, are welcome in the spotlight. Avery released an astonishingly good vocal jazz album of covers in early 2016 called Life Lessons which matches her singing talent with very professional and gorgeous arrangements. We embed a video of performance snippets below. You can check out her album on iTunes.

Rosemary Fairweather

Little is known about this independent artist who has thus far released three singles in the underground depths. We do know that she is from Toronto and is getting started on social media with her website in the early stages of development. Her most recent single “Moonlight” is a breathtaking electronic pop song of dreamy cloud surfing. We embed the SoundCloud below. Find a copy of the song on iTunes.

Vanessa Piunno

This Montreal-based teenage singer was selected to be the voice of the latest song from popular DJ MC Mario. While Mario has sold 3.5 million records, Vanessa is at the cusp of stardom. Having already appeared in commercials for Canadian Tire and in a music video from Snow Patrol (!), Vanessa takes the mic in “Dreamers” which is primed to become the anthem of summer 2016. Have a listen below and find the track on iTunes.