Selected New Releases July 15, 2016

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This week’s new releases include Winnipeg’s Ash Koley and her LP Elements which includes her hit single “Criminal”. Essentially a pop album, it is released under Nettwerk. Heaven for Real is an alternative rock artist from Halifax; the new album is Kill Your Memory. Your Boy Tony Braxton is an alias of guess who? Yes, it’s Shad! Rather than doing his characteristic rap, he surprises with a strong pop/rock record, Adult Contempt, with a slight R&B flavour. Shad grew up in London.

On the EP side are a self-titled alt-rock disc from Hamilton trio Basement Revolver. As the CMB previously heralded Big Boy is the new EP from Montreal-based Charlotte Cardin, an adult pop effort. Edmonton’s Daniela Andrade contributes a nice alternative disc entitled Shore.

A few new tracks of note are “Feels Right” from Calgary electo-pop specialist Jocelyn Alice which follows her hit “Jackpot”. She has signed a deal with Sony so expect a high profile album in the works. A Tribe Called Red has released “We Are the Halluci Nation”, title track off The Aboriginal EDM outfit’s upcoming album, dropping September 16. Crystalyne is launching third EP Follow on August 10. New track “Let’s Do Something Crazy” is out now. Coming out in the latter half of July are new albums from MSTRKRFT and Billy Talent. The biggest news of all is that Céline Dion‘s new Franco album Encore Un Soir is due to drop August 26!