Céline Dion Releasing New Album August 26, 2016

celine encore copy

Céline Dion, CC, who started out as a teen star, became through the years the best-selling Canadian recording artist of all-time having sold some 200 million records worldwide. At home, she has scored six diamond albums (i.e. 10x Platinum) and won 20 JUNO awards. To her name are 31 Top 40 hits, about half of which (16) have made the Top 10. Céline has released both French and English language albums, totalling 26, since her first in 1981. She will be releasing a new Anglo album in 2017. Following the sad passings of her brother and husband, Celine is now ready to gift the world with new music. Her new Franco album Encore un soir (One More Night) is set to drop August 26, 2016. The album follows the single of the same name which topped the charts in France. The album will contain 12 songs with the deluxe version including 3 additional bonus tracks. Most of the songs are original compositions from some of the world’s top songwriters. It will contain a cover of Canadian artist Robert Charlebois’ “Ordinaire” as well as a re-recorded version of Celine’s own “Trois heures vingt” from her 1984 album Mélanie. Lead single “Encore un soir” was composed by French superstar Jean-Jacques Goldman. Celine’s official website ran a song submission contest open to all fans. The winner is “À la plus haute branche” written by Daniel Picard which will be included on the album.  Dion is promoting the album in a summer concert series with dates in key cities around the world.  Other writers of the album tracks include French legendary singer-songwriters Francis Cabrel and Serge Lama, Algeria’s Zaho, and Canada’s Marc Dupré. Full track listing below.  iTunes

1. “Plus qu’ailleurs” Writers Francis Cabrel, Serge Lama
2. “L’étoile” Writers Mutine, Florent Mothe, Grand Corps Malade
3. “Ma faille” Writer Zaho
4. “Encore un soir” Writer Jean-Jacques Goldman
5. “Je nous veux” Writer Marc Dupré
6. “Les yeux au ciel” Writers Celine Dion, Mutine, Mothe, Malade
7. “Si c’était à refaire” Writer Jacques Veneruso
8. “Ordinaire” Writers Robert Charlebois, Pierre Nadeau, Mouffe
9. “Tu sauras” Writer Zaho
10. “Toutes ces choses” Writer Marc Dupré
11. “Le bonheur en face” Writers Mutine, Mothe
12. “À la plus haute branche” Writer Daniel Picard

13. “À vous” Writer Zaho
14. “Ma force” Writer Vianney
15. “Trois heures vingt” Writers Eddy Marnay, Patrick Lemaitre