Graph Draws Some Lipstick Graphiti

graph - lipstick grphitiToronto female soloist Graph has been gradually honing her sound over the past few years and has at long last released the fruit of such labours in debut LP Lipstick Graphiti. It is a unique album for a couple of reasons. First off, amid a plethora of artists claiming to have recaptured the 80s sound, hers is strikingly authentic especially as defined by a sound that pleases those who grew up in the 80s in addition to the youth of today. Its sound is unique especially compared with other Canadian artist albums so far this year. Secondly, the album is one of those rare instances where all tracks are good. It has the potential to overhaul the current mainstream mould for a change of climate, and her playfully delivered vocals make this a very fun record to listen to. Lipstick Graphiti is one of our favourite records of 2016.  iTunes