New Releases July – August 2016

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As there were only a couple of major releases last week, we combine last week and this week’s Canadian releases. We begin with the 5th studio album (6th if counting self-released Watoosh in 1998) from Mississauga, Ontario punk band Billy Talent. The group has won a remarkable seven JUNO Awards, and two previous albums have seen triple platinum success. The new album is entitled Afraid of Heights. Another high profile release which greets us this week comes from Hamilton mainstream rock band Arkells. With Universal Music, the Hamilton group has won 4 JUNO awards, and album number 4 is Morning Report which is full of good tunes. We particularly like “Making Due”.

Fuso is a male soloist from Quebec who launches his debut LP, a self-titled and bilingual affair. The quality music is of an upbeat singer-songwriter nature. Haley Bonar is a Canadian-born artist (Manitoba), raised in the U.S. state of South Dakota and now based in the state of Minnesota. She definitely pleases us with the beautiful alternative album Impossible Dream well worth checking out. Montreal’s St-Eugene contributes a gorgeous alternative folk self-titled album, while Toronto’s Union Duke crafts fine indie folk on Golden Days.

EPs worth checking out are last week’s Chat by Toronto’s Jaunt. It’s a jazzy alternative pop that is so very delicious. For mainstream pop pleasure, Toronto band Crystalyne does a wonderful job as always on new EP Follow. A number of new singles are out including “Lose My Mind” from A-Trak (dance), “Saved” from deadmau5 (EDM), “Bricoler” from Jeffrey Piton (heartland), “Work Shoes” from USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) (pop-rock), “I Repeat Myself” by Duchess Says (post punk / new wave), and “Bush Party” by Dean Brody (country). Topping the iTunes Canada albums chart is the various artists Suicide Squad soundtrack, and the best track on it is from a Canadian – “Medieval Warfare” by Grimes, somewhat of a Charlie XCX meets Garbage sumptuous smash.