EDM at Top Form with Every Last Chance Debut EP

Every Last Chance EP

Music with a catchy melody, beautiful vocals, a driving beat, and slick production has the power to infiltrate every cell of the body rendering the mind incapable of focussing on aught else in the surroundings. It possesses you. The first time experiencing this phenomenon was in listening to the parents’ Chuck Berry records as a child. As the pops, a once 50s teen, has always said, “I like songs that make me want to just get up and dance”. That was what the original rock and roll did, a genre which we today refer to as dance pop. Whatever terminology is used, we draw your attention to a wonderful, fresh project in Vancouver called Every Last Chance. Having created some buzz with singles “Spotlight”, one of the most infectious dance songs we have ever heard, featuring the gorgeous vocals of Crystalyne’s Marissa Dattoli, as well as “Roll the Credits” sung exquisitely by David Spekter, Every Last Chance releases debut self-titled five-track EP. All tracks impress us, and we are happy to mark this little jewel as a strong contender for 2016’s best EP.  iTunes