Get Dancing with Vito V’s Illusions of Grandeur

Vito V - Illusions of GrandeurAs luck would have it, Canada has acquired a talented EDM master from Caracas, Venezuela. He is Montreal-based DJ Vito V, and he seems to get better with each album he releases. If you’re tired of music being called EDM only to find it not danceable, Vito’s new album is for you. It will get you moving. Illusions of Grandeur is the title, and it dropped at the end of August 2016. The LP contains a mixture of soaring vocal tracks (featured singers include Angelina Ciccotti and Sean Declase) as well as some instrumental boppers. While beat structures tend to be repetitive on many dance recordings, the ever clever Vito V gives us lots of variety and originality. Refreshingly sophisticated, Vito V’s Illusions of Grandeur will take you on an energetic trip down strobe-light lane. Very good album.  iTunes