Without Helmets, With Special Effects

avec pas d'casque - Effets speciaux

Avec pas d’casque returns with new album Effets spéciaux. Yes, while Dallas Smith explores Side Effects, the Montreal group takes a look at Special Effects. As to be expected, the beautifully crafted album is a fusion of country, folk, world, and alternative with a strong attention to detail. The 3 or 4 year waiting time for the disc was partly due to members being busy with other projects and pursuits. Stéphane Lafleur directed a feature film, Joël Vaudreuil made animated shorts, Mathieu Charbonneau (keyboards, baritone) toured internationally with his other band, and Nicolas Moussette (lap steel, bass) pulled a Ryan Gosling and built a house.

Lafleur says that the group does not necessarily tailor its music for radio and has no expectations for airplay. As a result, 3-minute happy songs with a catchy chorus are not a staple of the agenda. Avec pas d’casque garnered critical acclaim with 2012 album Astronomie which won a Félix (Quebec music industry) award. The new album is as good if not better, and the band explored some exotic instruments like Tibetan bowls and congas, additionally spicing things up with synths and retaining its measured pacing. Besides the superb music, the band has been praised for stunning lyrics of beautiful French poetry. Effets spéciaux debuted in the iTunes Top 10.  iTunes