Iceland Has a Purpose


A headline from last night informed us that a WestJet flight from Britain en route to Edmonton began having trouble with its left engine and was dumping fuel. Diverting its course, the jet made a safe, emergency landing in Iceland. Three days before that, a Canadian pop star arrived at the Reykjavik Airport by private plane to launch his European tour. On the outskirts of the capital city of the Nordic island nation, thousands were camped out overnight to attend the first of two concerts to be performed. Justin Bieber sold 19,000 tickets for the shows making it the biggest concert event in Icelandic history. (We’re not sure what kind of numbers homegrown Björk mustered.) The 19K figure doesn’t sound impressive by Canadian standards, but given that Iceland has a population of around 320,000, it meant that 6% of babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors on the island were in attendance to see the Biebs. Justin chose Iceland as the place to launch the European leg of his Purpose tour out of a fondness for the country which was fortified last year when he ventured to the dazzling landscapes to shoot the MV for “I’ll Show You”.