Music Canada Unveils Nifty New Badges and Salutes Streaming


Trade organization Music Canada made big announcements at the 2016 CCMA awards regarding changes to its gold/platinum certification program. These involve the inclusion of streaming data in certifying tracks and the introduction of branding badges to certified music.


Historically, the certification of tracks was based on sales of physical singles whether in vinyl, cassette, or CD format. Later, digital download certifications were introduced to mark milestones for the sale of tracks downloaded from iTunes and other online retail platforms. Now, sales of physical singles, digital tracks, and streaming data will be consolidated into the new Single Award. Streaming will use a conversion formula of 150 streams equalling 1 unit. Music Canada will be accepting streaming data only from paid and ad-supported on-demand subscription services available in Canada like Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, etc. Non-interactive services, semi-interactive services, and music videos will not be accepted for certification purposes. This means that YouTube and VEVO video streams from official accounts will not be counted.

At this time, only tracks and not albums will be certified with streams.

For tracks already certified as Digital Downloads, Music Canada notes, “Tracks will no longer be certified as Digital Downloads, and will continue to be certified from their last certification milestone as Singles. All of the Digital Download certifications will be archived in our database, showing their initial certifications were based solely on sales.”

The certification benchmarks will remain the same at this time. For both singles and albums, gold is 40,000 units, platinum 80,000 units, and diamond 800,000 units.


With the introduction of the new Single Award, Music Canada’s Gold/Platinum program revealed over 50 new Single certifications today. Singles involving Canadian artists are listed below. Regarding international artists, a highlight is that “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars is the first diamond single since The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”.


“Dancing Kizomba”, Alx Veliz
“Airwaves”, Brett Kissel
“Loved Me Back to Life”, Céline Dion
“Fireproof”, Coleman Hell
“She’s with Me”, High Valley
“Shisha”, Massari
“Got a Feeling”, Tim Hicks
“Lost You” Zeds Dead


“It’s Friday”, Dean Brody
“For Free”, Drake/DJ Khaled
“Let Me Love You”, DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber
“Controlla”, Drake
“Never Be Like You”, Flume ft. Kai
“Low Life”, Future ft. The Weeknd
“Clothes Off”, Ria Mae
“Treat You Better”, Shawn Mendes
“Wheat Kings”, The Tragically Hip
“Ahead by a Century”, The Tragically Hip
“Kiss Goodnight”, Tyler Shaw


“This Is What It Feels Like”, Armin van Buuren ft. Trevor Guthrie
“2 Heads”, Coleman Hell


In addition to a new logo, to help media celebrate Canadian gold, platinum, and diamond certifications, Music Canada has introduced digital image badges. The trade organization asks that they not be altered in any way. Of these, it states, “Stylistically, the center waveform uses Music Canada’s established colours to create an ‘M,’ while the surrounding ‘C’, completed with a distinct maple leaf, honours the legacy of formats like CD’s, DVD’s, and Vinyl.” Gold is gold, platinum light grey, and diamond blue.

In cooperation, The Canadian Music blog will try to incorporate these official badges into certification announcements and listings where possible from this point forward.

Find the new logo and certification badges below.






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platinum045-300x105 platinum054-300x98

platinum064-300x92 platinum074-300x86

platinum084-300x82 platinum094-300x77