Elephant Stone Meets a Ship of Fools

elephant-stone-ship-of-foolsNo one does progressive, psychedelic, and culturally rich rock music quite as well as Montreal’s Elephant Stone, and listening to the band’s new record and fourth album Ship of Fools reminds us of this. It is, as the boomers would say, a groovy record that pulls in some neat instruments like the sitar and tablas, spices things up with synths, but most enjoyable is the overall boogie style that is sure to get your head boppin’. The album is a 44-minute jam that grips you with delight and never lets go. It’s a little bit of Revolver era Beatles, a tad Sam Roberts, a smidgen of Arcade Fire, and 100% Elephant Stone with a big booming sound rocking the Ship of Fools, one of the best records of the year. The MV for “The Devil’s Shelter” below will give you a taste.  iTunes