Valaire Explores the Territory of Oobopopop


valaire-oobopopop1JUNO nominated group Valaire (also longlisted for the Polaris Prize) knows how to do pop music right, especially considering the amazingly good Oobopopop. Formerly known as Misteur Valaire, the Sherbrooke band’s new album is funky, upbeat, brisk, and invigorating. The title, according to the band is an onomatopoeia reflected in a musical sample in Louisiana where the group wrote and recorded part of the album. Apparently the heat in the State provided the players with a welcome change from the wintry climes where they recorded their last album, Bellevue.

Soaking in the sun rays surrounding their rented house put them in the proper spirit to make a summery album. Returning to the home base of Montreal, Valaire sought some vocal talents to augment the work and reeled in such featured stars as Alan Prater (The Brooks), Camille Poliquin (Milk and Bone), Fanny Bloom, and more. We have embedded the Snapchat MV for what looks like the album’s most popular track, “By My Side,” which features Alan Prater.  iTunes